tiistai 8. joulukuuta 2009

Shocking torture case in Dagestan

On November 30, 2009, two residents of Makhachkala town (Dagestan), Sayputdinov Aselder (born 1984) and Magomedov Akhmed (born 1979), drove from the Shamkhal village located within the precincts of Makhachkala town to the Khasavyurt town. According to Aselder’s brother Said, Aselder went there to ask a girl there in marriage. On the way they picked up Pakhrutdinov Abdulla (born 1973).

The car was stopped by patrol police near the town of Kiziyurt. Aselder and Akhmed showed their documents whereas Abdulla jumped out of the car and made an attempt to run away. The police opened fire and shot him dead. Aselder and Akhmed were detained. Witnesses claim that they didn’t offer any resistance. They were taken to the police headquarters of Kiziyurt town. The following day, December 1, their relatives were notified that both were dead. They were told to arrive at the morgue and identify the corpses. The corpses bear numerous signs of torture. The video can be downloaded from this link:


Their relatives claim that there were people kept in custody over that night who heard Aselder and Akhmed screaming while being tortured. According to Gulnara Rustamova, a member of the “Mothers of Dagestan for Human Rights” organization, relatives of both Aselder and Akhmed lodged their reports on December 4 to the prosecutor’s office demanding that the investigation be opened. She also tells that relatives are intending to hold a protest rally on December 15 in Freedom Square in Makhachkala. The notification has been submitted to the municipality but they have not got any response. More than a thousand people are expected to take part in the rally.

Oksana Chelysheva