maanantai 11. toukokuuta 2009

Finland hosts representatives of the Chechnyan administration

Finland is hosting a delegation of nine Chechen parliamentarists and representatives of the local administration this week. The visit is part of the education programme of the Council of Europe. The Chechen delegation will meet Members of Parliament and visits some Finnish towns.
The visit has been kept secret from the public, and all the official authorities relating to the visit has claimed to be unaware of the event. That's by no means a surprise, as the group represents the bloody administration of Ramzan Kadyrov, which has reached its position by cruelly violating human rights and creating an atmosphere of fear into Chechnya.
The Finnish MP's and representatives of the municipalities can of course hide behind the back of the Council of Europe and convince themselves that they are only acting in the name of the democracy. But it has to be kept in mind that President Kadyrov himself is a torturer and a murderer, and hosting his delegation means that Finland accepts the tyrannian government of Chechnya and also the oppression, torture and murhers of the Chechen civilians.

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